[Secret] Popular Video Of Aayu And Pihu Show

Today we will tell which Aayu And Pihu are the most popular videos of the show. And how those people became very popular in this method. We will try to tell a lot about this through this article. Hope you guys will read our article A to Z.

He would watch a lot of unboxing and review videos that his dad, Piyush Kalra, found online when Aayu Kalra was about three-and-a-half. The father discovered during one of those searches that most children’s videos were animated, and there was none in the insightful material room of the Hindi language live-action. Kalra needed this void to be filled. So he started the Aayu and Pihu Show YouTube channel in May 2017, featuring a five-year-old Aayu and his 11-year-old sister Pihu in child-centric moral stories and challenges.

There was a big investment in decor, a camera, and a high-end gaming laptop. The parents learned to shoot, script and edit, learning by trial and error to work their way. Nothing succeeded at first. They made videos that either gave cooking lessons or good habits lessons, but none received the reaction they had expected. Their desktop crashed in December and Kalra was forced to repair it. Before March, the channel only had 1,000 viewers, and the family also considered shelving their efforts entirely.

Popular Video Of Aayu And Pihu Show

Famous videos of these people were liked by many. So the videos of those individuals have been watched more than crores till now. The children’s milk challenge was shown in that video and was shown below.

It was then the notion of moral tales struck. “Kalra said, “Hindi moral tales made by children and by children is unheard of on YouTube. We have come up with tales that are either inspired by real-life or by fables like Panchatantra. Children don’t like pure vanilla Gyaan, so we gave them some spiritual master.

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